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Many raw food diet recipes require a food dehydrator or an ultimate blender, but there are several delicious recipes for eating raw foods that need no special equipment.

Green Smoothies are a great way to start your day and restore the alkaline levels in the body. The most popular is spinach leaves combined with pineapple and enough water to produce the most well-liked consistency. Experience with your taste buds, use any fruits, greens and nut milk. Also attempt to add a sprig or two fresh parsley for your smoothie, it is very refreshing and will turn your smoothie into a "pudding" for a delicious dessert.

Healthy Recipes

Just because you earn a healthy decision to go to eating raw foods, you don't have to forsake your favorite dishes and treats. You'll be glad to know the Tapioca pudding is simple to create and wonderful for the whole family to enjoy. Simply employ 8 oz. of your raw nut milk of choice (cashew nut milk is my personal favorite) and blend by 50 percent tbsp. of chia seeds and 1 tbsp. of pure maple syrup. Mix everything together and allow to sit for about 60 minutes. The seeds will plump, bringing you a delicible pudding to savor.

As well as the above, Guacamole can also be regarded as about the most raw food diet recipes available, and you may whip up a load and enjoy with some raw veggies.

Better yet, I'd like you to try the following salad. It's delicious, colorful and healthy. It does need some prep time, but it's well worth it.

For 4 servings, you'll need:

   Some Kale (a couple of small or 1 large bunch);
   1 cup of blueberries,
   1 small (cubed) avocado;
   1 Tbsp. of essential olive oil;
   A quarter cup of pumpkin seeds (which have been soaked in water not less than 8 hours after which drained); and finally,
   A quarter cup of goji berries (additionally they have to be soaked if they are dry).

To prepare:

Cut the Kale leaves into thin ribbons, massage the oil and a pinch of sea salt into the leaves and permit for absorption from the oil and sea salt for around Ten minutes. Adding all of the berries and seeds, and top it up using the avocado chunks.

Go ahead and, there isn't any reason to feel afraid of raw food diet recipes, when you are prepared to get more involved making the financial investment for the necessary kitchen equipment. You will find pleasure in understanding that you are preparing natural foods and eating raw foods to help the body to operate in an optimum level.

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